How WeP helped Jet Airways in maintaining it's documents?

31 Jan, 2022 admin
How WeP helped Jet Airways in maintaining it's documents?

Case Study Overview:


  • Organizational Overview – About Jet Airways
  • Challenges Faced By Jet Airways
  • Services Provided
  • WeP’s Objective – Task At Hand & Our Solution
  • Result
  • Closing Points/Conclusion


Organizational Overview:

Jet Airways India Limited is an Indian international airline currently based in Delhi NCR with a training & developmental centre in Mumbai. It was one of the largest airlines in India with a 21.2% passenger market share in February 2016.

It operated over 300 flights daily to 74 destinations worldwide from its erstwhile main hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport & secondary hubs at Chennai International Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi (new primary hub), Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru & Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata.


  • Industry: Aviation
  • Founded: 1992
  • HQ: Delhi


Challenges Faced By Jet Airways:

Jet Airways happened to be a very widespread organization with various departments that tend to work together. Although the departments that reached out to us were 3 of them that have been listed below:


  1. Planning Department: Aircraft Documents
  2. Cabin Crew Department: Crew Documents
  3. Exim Department: Import & Export Invoice Documents


All three departments were generating more than 3 lac hardcopy pages per month. Newly generated physical copies were not easily accessible when needed. Managing & locating documents when required was a challenge.

The company did not have a server-based solution to access these files whenever needed on the cloud either thus making it even tedious.

Services Provided:


  1. WeP Digitization Services
  2. WeP Scanning Services


WeP’S Objective – Task At Hand & Our Solution


  • With the challenges portrayed by the organization, the ultimate objective at hand was to create & offer a cloud-based server solution.
  • The first stage was to collect the hard copy files (physical copies) & scan them in their premises itself.
  • Employees were placed from the WeP end for the collecting & scanning process to support. Dedicated & designated employees were then placed in company premises to scan the above physical files.
  • Post the scanning done by the designated employees in the premises, the raw scanned files are then shared which are then processed & uploaded into the cloud server.
  • Role-based access was also provided on the DMS solution as they wanted to maintain privacy & keep a check on the accessibility of documents to specified departments & users only.

  • This thus enabled complete digitization of their document flow.




  • PDF/A FILE UPLOAD: PDF/A files were being uploaded into ALFRESCO (Cabin Crew Dept & Exim Dept) based server.
  • BILLING: Billing also happened on a monthly basis & billing is based on the no of pages scanned and uploaded every month.
  • CREATED USERS: We have created the number of users as requested by Jet Airways for accessing the server pan India.
  • WAY FORWARD: All the backlog files that were pending for scanning & digitization were completed within a short span of time thus enabling them to pick up the pace.


Closing Points/Conclusion:


  • WeP set up the entire process to digitize the organization’s document flow.
  • By deploying the designated onsite team for their scanning process, we helped comply with the required security & integrity of the organization.
  • By creating the document flow, overall process efficiency was improved.
  • All maintenance records were maintained & were made available for accessibility when needed & this benefited the lease-related detailing of aircraft for the organization.
  • Strong governance framework with role-based data access & audit trails.
  • WeP’s Scanning & Digitization Services was decided as their best choice of Document Management Support provider.


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