India’s well-known Steel Manufacturing Company, JUSCO Manages the Documents Efficiently with WeP DMS

18 Jun, 2021 admin
India’s well-known Steel Manufacturing Company, JUSCO Manages the Documents Efficiently with WeP DMS

JUSCO Company Overview:

JUSCO (Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited) located in Jamshedpur, India was formed in 2004 as a subsidiary of TATA Steel, engaging in construction, management, and utilities of Jamshedpur.

Under the utility, JUSCO provides power connection services.

The process of JUSCO’s power connection service & Consumer Support before WeP DMS was implemented:

JUSCO receives the applications for power connection either via email or physical application is submitted. These emails were stored in the local system and the physical applications were stored at the JUSCO location.

These applications are further verified by the survey officers at JUSCO to know the feasibility of providing power connections at a specific location and confirms to the JUSCO implementation team via email.

The implementation team generates a letter through their internal tool with a unique BP number and the letter is shared through email to the consumer. The consumer makes the payment, the JUSCO stores the payment receipt document in the local drive.

Soon after the payment is received, the energization document for connection is generated and the same is shared with the consumer and a copy is stored in the local drive at JUSCO.

In any case, if the consumer decides to disconnect the power connection, the same must be applied through email along with the energization document.

Consumer Support: Consumer must send an email to JUSCO on their grievance. JUSCO will create a Unique number manually for this grievance and assign the same to the JUSCO support team to take it forward. Once the grievance is resolved another grievance resolution letter is created and emailed to the consumer.

1. How was the JUSCO company handling their documents before opting for the WeP DMS solution?

Before opting for WeP DMS, JUSCO stored their documents in the local system and maintained the hard copies of all the applications they receive from consumers at the JUSCO location.

2. What challenges were they facing?

  • Considering the volume of applications JUSCO gets through emails & physical applications, it was a difficult task to store & track all these documents without a centralized repository.
  • As there are different stages involved in the process, moving applications and their supporting documents from one stage to another manually and at each stage JUSCO team not having ready access to documents was leading to delays in the process.
  • Document retrieval was a challenge as it was a manual search approach for email applications and physical applications.
  • Consumer support letter ID was generated manually and was becoming a challenge as the numbers grew.

3. What were their goals?

To facilitate the smoother & efficient consumer onboarding and support process the company aimed at the following:

  • To be able to streamline document storage for easy & secured access at every stage of the consumer onboarding process
  • To be able to automate the stage movement of documents based on the connectivity status
  • To be able to find all the documents of an applicant in one folder depending upon the connectivity stage (Application under progress, connection under progress, connected consumer, etc)
  • Automation of Support letter ID generation and tracking of support queries

4. How did WeP DMS help?

  • JUSCO went live with WeP DMS in 20 days. This helped as it was JUSCO’s priority project.
  • WeP Workflow’s tight integration with WeP DMS helped JUSCO to automate their Consumer onboarding process and provided a centralized repository for the supporting documents through the process.
  • WeP DMS advanced search feature, which supports Content, Metadata, File Name-based search help to search the documents faster. All email applications and digitized Physical applications loaded to WeP DMS are search-ready.
  • WeP DMS AES 256-bit security helped to secure the JUSCO’s documents.
  • The consumer power connection application is easy to track through the WeP audit trail.
  • Consumer support letter ID generation is automated, and the tasks are assigned to the JUSCO support team through the WeP DMS. This has helped in tracking consumer grievances.


The consumer Power connection services involve multiple stages, and each stage has multiple supporting documents. Hence to automate each stage and organize these supporting documents centrally and streamline the connection process, an efficient Document Management System with workflow automation was the need of the hour. JUSCO chose WeP Document Management System for its ease of use, Audit trail, 50% reduced time to go live & its product security.

WeP DMS Low code development platform (LCDP) can reduce application development by 50%. This will help JUSCO with its future project to go live.

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