Protect your people, facilities, communities, and business from risks and unintended consequences through WeP Management of Change Automation ( MOC)

With DMS for MOC, you can be change-ready by implementing and managing multiple change programs across projects, business units, or organization, simultaneously

Wep management of change process
Best Management of change software | document management software

Be agile with the everchanging business demands

Management of Change (MOC) is needed for every change that is planned to be implemented within an organization – be it the movement of assets, tools, or resources, or implementation of new software, or changes in the facility. Document Management System (DMS) for MOC ensures the safety, health, and environmental risks are controlled and mitigated to successfully drive the business outcomes.

Best Management of change software | document management software

Create the customized and configurable workflows as per your needs, in a jiffy

Various organizations have trusted DMS for MOC by switching from their primitive paper systems, worksheets, or even an in-house Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) solution. DMS for MOC has transformed their struggle with Business Process Automation into a cakewalk.

Simplify operational change

  • Maintain a centralized record of changes and approvals
  • Control changes through integrated checklists and approvals
  • Create customized workflow, forms, and checklists for various stakeholders
  • Administer roles and permissions at ease
  • Share artifacts, like images and documents, concerning change
Process flow | Management of change software
Orgazation level visiblity | organizational change management

Organization-level Visibility

  • Maintain organization-level visibility with centralized change management
  • Manage change requests through a dashboard
  • Creating an automated e-mail trigger for various milestones or missed deadlines
  • Evaluating possible risks and best solutions for risk mitigation

Maintain Compliance

Maintain compliance with Management of Change requirements | Generating audit reports on various changes with a click | Creating a traceable audit trail at every stage of the workflow.

Doing MOC the right way

Managing MOC through paper systems, MS Excel, or even an in-house Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) solution, drains you out; especially if you have facilities in multiple locations. Tons of man-hours are wasted on tasks that should be automated, like compiling reports, tracking bottlenecks, and following-up about missed deadlines. A good MOC tool takes all the pain of planning, organizing, implementing, storing artifacts, raising flags, and so on – it does the heavy lifting for you by doing all of that and more, seamlessly.

Why DMS for MOC becomes even more necessary during and post COVID times?

COVID has made some irreversible changes to our lifestyle and work - people have changed, a new office set-up is needed, the existing processes are outdated. It’s okay if you have managed changes with your primitive methods so far. However, with a never-seen and a never-experienced situation like COVID when even the smartest organizations have failed to cope, you need state-of-the-art software like DMS for MOC to drive change management programs.

Some of the probable risks that you might run into post-pandemic:

How many of your furlough employees are going to return? Or employees who were on pay cut – what are the odds
that they haven’t looked out?

With all the changing facilities, production floors, and employees wearing masks to help social distancing, how
productivity is going to take a hit. Employees wearing masks will get exhausted and will be forced to take frequent
breaks. Have you taken that into account?

How many meeting, training and conference rooms do you need? Because now a 100 people room will be forced
to accommodate only 25 people.

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