WeP Workflow – transition from people-driven to process-driven enterprise

With WeP Workflow, you can automate your processes to minimize the chaos and maximize your productivity in your organization.

Best document workflow automation Software

WeP Workflow – transition from people-driven to process-driven enterprise


Design your workflow with an extremely intuitive designer

Workflow automation can be a very time-consuming and daunting task. However, the WeP Workflow Automation solution is known to be efficient, especially due to its intuitive workflow designer

enterprise workflow management software | business process management software
  • Cloud-based (SaaS) solution
  • Zero to minimum coding needed
  • Well defined human and system tasks
  • Drag and drop forms creator to workflow
  • A fluid workflow that can be amended efficiently
  • Handle complex and parallel workflows seamlessly
  • Seamless integration with third-party application and legacy systems through RESTful API’s
  • Powered by the centralized WeP document repository and Low code platform
  • Scalable solution w.r.t users and data

Real-time analytics to track and manage workflow tasks

Get real-time reports and leadership dashboards of various workflow tasks using filters and searches:

  • Get a real-time status report
  • Dashboards for the leadership team
  • Perform action on-the-go
  • Reassigning the task with a click
  • Trigger automated e-mails and reminders for pending tasks
Best enterprise workflow management software
document workflow automation Software | workflow management system

Keep up with compliance through and through

WeP Workflow Automation helps you stay compliant throughout the workflow of each task with the following information:

  • Show names and timestamp details of each task
  • Track history of the task
  • Provision to file logs through comments
  • GUI buttons to approve, reject, reassign tasks
  • Autosave task-related artifacts that can be accessed anytime
  • Save the task as a draft

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