WeP GST Platform for filing your GST returns, reconciliations, MIS reports generation

GST has been a very dynamic law since inception and WEP has been a GSP since launch of the GST law. We offer our customers GST solutions with great services at affordable prices to enable easy compliance of the complicated law. With our rich experience, we design tailor made services to give the best compliance feel to our customers.


Highlights of the solutions, we offer

  • Simple subscription plan structures and customized packages
  • Designed to manage multiple PAN, GSTIN’s and multiple GST compliances in a single login
  • Segregation of duties with features like location management, user management and access restrictions
  • Audit trail to monitor user activities
  • Easy and infrequent authentication requirement
  • Best support and grievance redressal mechanism

GST return filing software

  • Takes care of monthly, quarterly, and annual GST compliances
  • GSTR-1, GSTR-2(Purchase register), GSTR-3B, GSTR-6, GSTR-8, and GSTR-9
  • Handy and coherent navigation of options
  • Template repository
  • User friendly templates with highly explanatory attributes annexure
  • Validate, upload, and save- Just 3 steps to file any return
  • Comprehensible error description for quick rectification
  • Fast uprun from GST
  • Supports submission and filing of return with DSC
  • Supports bulk uploads and downloads in shortest time
  • Easy support seeking mechanism and dedicated support resource for speedy resolution of issues and grievances
Dashboard | GST Platform for GST Return Filing

GST reconciliation software- Reconciliation between GSTR-2 and 2A and GSTR-6 and 6A

Reconciliation | GST Reconciliations
  • Detailed dashboard enhances visibility of ITC discrepancies at both summary and supplier level
  • Action oriented, segmented information like matched documents, missing documents, and mismatched documents
  • Automatic system matching fastens reconciliation process
  • Multiple options to resolve apparent mismatches due to inconsistent document details
  • Hold invoices option, in line with GST provision, to defer ITC claims
  • No separate reconciliation for amendments as same is incorporated with the original return data
  • Enables precise and accurate claim ITC
  • Automatic mail triggering mechanism notifies discrepancies to vendors, captures and forwards replies from vendors
  • Separate and independent setting to configure features
  • Various useful reports to enable better and timely decision making

Data privacy

  • Information system audit and assurances
  • Data back up plans, Business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans
  • Stringent employee work environment policies to avoid data misuse


  • MIS reports
  • Log files with track of every minute information uploaded and downloaded
  • Various in-built comparison reports to analyse and take decision
  • Swift and Bulk download of reports from GST pertaining to multiple GSTIN’s and periods at once
Reports | MIS reports | GST return filing
Wep GST Panel | E-way bill status

E-Way bill

  • Exclusive dashboard with glimpse of useful compliance statistics
  • Quick and bulk generation of e-way bill using templates
  • Easy up dation and cancellation of e-way bills
  • View, print and download e-way bill option
  • Various useful reports on e-way bills generated
  • Initiate action on e-way bill generated by others like rejection
  • Customizable features to trigger e-mails on successful generation of e-way bills


  • Informative dashboard providing useful insights
  • Supports both generation of e-Invoice through Integration with ERP and directly in WEP ASP using templates
  • Facilitates quick generation of Invoice Reference Number
  • View/print and download e-Invoice with entity’s logo
  • Generate and cancel e-Invoice associated e-way bills
  • Reports on e-Invoice data with varied status
  • Handy support system
Wep GST Panel | E invoice status

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