MRF Ltd adopts WeP DMS for efficiency & document tracking

19 Mar, 2021 Admin
MRF Ltd adopts WeP DMS for efficiency & document tracking

MRF is happy with the work done by WeP Digital for the material department of MRF.

Madras Rubber Factory Limited, commonly known by the abbreviation MRF, is an Indian multinational and the largest manufacturer of tyres in India and the fourteenth largest manufacturer in the world. It is headquartered in Chennai, India.

Executive Summary

WeP Digital helped the purchase department of MRF by implementing procure to pay automation which helped in reducing time taken in decision making process and allowing them to track the purchase requisition approval on various stages.


1. What MRF was doing before? 

MRF was using offline approval process.

2. What challenges they were facing?

  • The PR approval cycle takes weeks, due to the requirement of sending the actual physical documents for approval and the approval happens in different physical location.
  • No tracking available for approval status.
  • Managing physical documents thought the approval process.


3. What were their goals?

  • Reduce approval turnaround time.
  • Automate the approval process.
  • Maintain audit trail.


Solution by  WeP Solutions

Product - WeP DMS

  • Implementation of complete Procure to Pay process with the help of workflows. All the approvals/review tasks are handled online.
  • Workflows to handle all the HO and plant Approval requests for any PR.
  • Special approvals that happens through emails, is also uploaded and is made part of the Procure to Pay online approval process.
  • User can see and track the PR approval status. In addition, audit trail is maintained for future compliance.


Results of DMS Implementation on MRF

  • WeP DMS Workflow helped MRF Procure to pay approval process become efficient, transparent, seamless, centralized and secure.
  • The Approval process that would take weeks, now reduced to 7 days.
  • Paper and courier cost eliminated.
  • Tracking of documents made easy.


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