A complete eco-system to enable your digital journey with Wep Document Management Software

In this fast-changing digital landscape, WeP DMS helps you establish, endorse, and track your digital transformation journey by leveraging state-of-the-art capabilities and solutions.

The way you handle your data defines the success rate of your digital transformation journey.

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A complete eco-system to enable your Digital Journey -with WeP Document Management Services

Reduce business process chaos through WeP Workflow Automation

Rapidly Develop Enterprise Applications in a matter of days with minimum coding


Manage your content in an intuitive, controlled, secured, and compliant way

Content, be it a process document or a confidential sales report, is a very crucial asset for any company. The way you handle your content defines the success rate of your digital journey. WeP DMS provides you a centralized WeP repository to create, share, and manage your content in a highly secured and controlled way with some intuitive functionalities, as follows:

  • Comes with AES 256 Encryption level
  • Intuitive workspace and folder structure
  • Real time file preview functionality to view documents without needing to download
  • File annotation capability to easy review a document without changing the original version
  • Various advanced file sharing controls and permissions for secure content collaboration, inline information rights management system
  • Audit logs keeping track of actions performed on a file
  • Configurable templates to standardize the folder structure
  • Folder level user permissions
  • Advanced search capability to search for content with Metadata

Build an efficient partnership with our Partner Space

A study with procurement executives shows 47% of vendor relationships fail, due to human failing than a process. Today’s environment, Partners and Vendors need access to their data quickly and in a secured manner to maintain a smoother relation. Our Partner space brings out some of the great advantages for enterprises

  • Seamless collaboration with multiple partners
  • Secure space to save and manage business artifacts
  • Communication governance
  • Easy tracking and follow up
  • Efficient online review
  • Access control
  • Define and control the workflow
  • Audit trail to stay compliant
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Report | business document management system

Reduce business process chaos through WeP Workflow Automation

WeP DMS helps enterprises enable Business Process Automation through its easy-to-use workflow designer.

  • Intuitive designer to create customized workflow
  • Zero or minimum coding required
  • Tightly coupled with WeP Document Repository and WeP Low code development platform
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications with RESTful API’s
  • Real-time analytics

Rapidly Develop Enterprise Applications in a matter of days with minimum coding

What sets WeP DMS apart from various solutions in the market is its PaaS solution that helps you build custom enterprise applications in a matter of days/weeks, which otherwise takes months. Our customers have leveraged the WeP Application Framework to develop custom applications on top of the powerful WeP Core layer. The advantages that WeP PaaS solution brings to the table are:

Geo-Location Icon Faster Development
User Language Icon Cost-effective
New vs Returning Icon Highly secured
Browser Icon Highly scalable
Device Icon Easy Adoption
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Q1. why do you require a document management system?

Ans. A document management system is the most efficient way of capturing, managing, & sharing documents through a centralized repository.

Q2. How safe & secure is a DMS?

Ans. Enterprise document repository hosted on cloud providers like Azure/AWS takes care of the system & disaster recovery. Along with usability & accessibility, cloud storage comes with exceptional security through AES-256 (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard) securing your communications & documents in the system.

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