Discover how easy procurement can be

Eliminate all sources of friction throughout the procurement process, from order placement to payment management

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Reimagining convenience in Procurement

By standardizing every step along the way during a procurement cycle, our Procure-to-Pay solution makes managing product acquisition truly a child’s play. Be it generation and dispatch of purchase requests, purchase orders, goods receipt, or invoices, our automation solution makes every task easy to handle

Checks and Balances to ensure no errors

Be it approvals for purchase requests to quality checks for goods received, our solution provides easy management of approvals as well as checks at multiple levels to prevent any mistake at any step of the procurement process

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Informed Vendor Selection

Get the best deals on goods and products every time you need to place a purchase order through access to a centralized database of vendors offering desired products required along with expected time to delivery, pricing, and past vendor performance records.

Payment Processing

Choose between manual and automated payments depending on preference. Match payments with invoices and store centralized transaction records for future reference.

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Empower your procurement department to function smarter

Free up your employee time to focus on tasks that require human intervention such as price negotiations with vendors, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and so on while leaving the mundane tasks to automation. Procure more with a leaner team at better prices and reap cost savings.

Procurement is about obtaining the right goods at the right price: Don’t let the monotony of documentation bog you down from achieving your goals

It is a pain to be spending more hours creating and sending purchase requests and invoices for every procurement order rather than getting the actual procurement done at favourable terms. Unleash the potential of your procurement team by freeing them off tasks that they should not be wasting time on.


Q1. What is Procure-To-Pay?

Ans. The procure to pay process is how an organisation procures the goods & services it needs to continue business. Also known by other terms such as purchase to pay and P2P cycle, procure to pay is the process of requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, paying for and accounting for goods and services covering the entire process from point of order right through to payment.

Q2. What is the average purchase requisition (PR) approval time?

Ans. The average Purchase Requisition (PR) Approval Time could usually take in between weeks to months. The approval time in the manufacturing industry is 1-8 months. This is usually due to a wide hierarchical approval process which would take time.

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