How Wep Assisted ACC in Realizing the Potential for Significant Cost Savings and Waste Reduction Through Managed Print Services

25 Nov, 2021 Rohit Kumar
How Wep Assisted ACC in Realizing the Potential for Significant Cost Savings and Waste Reduction Through Managed Print Services


ACC Limited (Formerly known as The Associated Cement Companies Limited) is a market leader in the Indian construction materials industry, having a pan-India operating and marketing footprint. They have earned a reputation as a trailblazing organisation that has continuously set new standards for creative research and product development. With 17 cement production facilities, over 90 ready mix concrete factories, over 6,600 brilliant people, a broad distribution network of 50,000+ dealers and retailers, and a nationwide sales network. Their eight decades of knowledge and skill have actively contributed to India's prosperity.

ACC Challenges

ACC Limited's facilities housed over 1000 printers, and printing costs were high, with a massive amount of waste paper piling up near machines every day. There was no means to control printing costs and no way to understand what was going on. To cover AMC, Toner, and Spares, ACC Limited employed a decentralised printing infrastructure. The corporation was concerned about their print security as there was no secure printing solution installed at their premises. They used a variety of printer models, which made networking difficult. There was no centralised administration, and printer visibility was an issue.

ACC Requirement

  • ACC sought to deploy 600+ printers across over 70 locations with centralised monitoring and device administration tools. They requested a universal print driver as well as a server-less PIN-based secure print solution. For all premises, they needed a Follow me/Pull printing which can enable users to take the printout from any of their locations.
  • User accounting and MIS reports by user, department, and location were a must requirement for accounting and monitoring purposes.
  • Other features such as Guest user PIN, Push printing for top management users, PIN distribution via email, and MIS reporting for USB printers were also needed.

WeP Approach

WeP participated in the RFP and filed the required paperwork. WeP successfully finished the online bidding process, as well as the technical assessment, commercial conversations, and financial agreements. WeP began by doing a thorough examination of all sites. This benefited WeP in assessing their current print infrastructure, challenges, and development potential. In addition, the team developed an effective solution architecture for deployment across all sites.


  1. WeP delivered an optimised print infrastructure solution with cost savings of up to 40%.
  2. WeP developed a secure printing solution to eliminate uncollected paper waste.
  3. Prints can now be collected securely by authorised users using WeP's Secure Printing Solution.
  4. Device Management software was installed in order to enforce print regulations.
  5. This assisted in the monitoring, tracking, and evaluation of printers and toners.
  6. All operational hassles, such as local spares and toner procurement, were eliminated.
  7. WeP supplied ACC with a single invoice, reducing operational challenges and manhours.
  8. Wep deployed energy efficient printer which consume less electricity while standby and printing.
  9. Wep enabled print policy for duplex printing and also enable quota policy for color and mono 

Overview & Result

  • ACC did not have a formal print policy. We integrated Device Management into their system, allowing them to monitor, track, and control all of their network printers from a single dashboard. This provided them with total visibility, aided in the reduction of labor, and provided a one-stop print solution for their whole print infrastructure, as well as the implementation of a structured print policy.
  • Driver installation for over 5000 users in over 70 locations.
  • Secured printing across all printers in the network.
  • Secured and authorized printing which helped in the reduction of wastage and saved costs.
  • There was a reduction in manpower and man-hours, which resulted in a 40% cost savings.
  • The reliance on local vendors for parts and toners was removed.
  • The proper management of empty toners by WeP MPS professionals aided in lowering the carbon impact.

We successfully delivered this project in February 2018, and ACC Limited now has a better user experience and printing infrastructure at their offices.

About WeP Digital

WeP Digital is a leading solution provider of Managed Print Services (MPS) in India. The company aims to create a user-friendly work environment with technology-based & result-oriented solutions. With over a decade of experience in the managed print services solutions business and more than 24000+ printers installed, across 2000+ pin codes across the country, WeP has been catering to different business verticals like BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and many more.

With WeP’s Managed Print Service, organizations can: -

  • Reduce costs associated with printing and copying.
  • Overcome IT staff pain points and reduce staff time in managing and supporting imaging devices.
  • Improve the level of support to end-users.
  • Focus on other business-critical priorities.
  • Contribute to environmental objectives.

WeP provides innovative solutions focused on making document management and paperwork-heavy business processes in offices and public authorities more efficient, and economic. Their solutions ensure document security and sustainability.

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