Find Out How AU Small Finance Bank Streamlined Its Printing Requirement

26 Aug, 2021 Rohit Kumar
Find Out How AU Small Finance Bank Streamlined Its Printing Requirement

AU Small Finance Bank Limited is a scheduled commercial bank and a Fortune India 500 company. With a talent base of 16,000+ people, it operates over 800+ Banking Touchpoints, serving over 18 lakhs+ consumers in 12 states spanning North, West, and Central India. Within its first three years as a bank, it has amassed a solid net worth of more than 4,200 crores, a strong deposit base of more than 26,000 crores from 14 lakh deposit accounts, and a lending base of more than 31,000 crores.

The 25-year-old company began its banking operations in April 2017 with 300+ branches on the first day. Since then, they have managed their print infrastructure by purchasing printers and other printer-related supplies. But finding the time to manage their organization's IT needs was difficult, and sometimes prohibitively expensive, when they have a limited budget and limited staff. 

Mr. Umesh Ajwani, IT Manager of AU Small Finance Bank, has first-hand knowledge of this. “Along with all his primary responsibilities, he had to manage all of his organization's printer requirements across multiple locations. That can almost be a full-time job in and of itself. When he joined AU Small Finance Bank in 2017, he and his team members had to sit for planning and budgeting for their print infrastructure, as well as follow up with multiple vendors for quotations. On top of that, his team members had to be involved in the smallest printer issues.

When a representative from WeP approached Mr. Umesh to talk about the benefit of managed print services that reduce costs and consolidated vendors, then he had WeP’s attention. The WeP management team worked with Umesh and the rest of the AU Small Finance Bank team to evaluate their present print facilities and establish their main objectives, needs, and priorities. Following the evaluation, WeP developed a detailed plan to ensure that the printing infrastructure of the organization continues to operate as planned in the future – all while remaining within budget parameters already specified.


  • Dedicated in-house resources to manage their printing requirement. Significantly increased the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Investing capital for the purchase of printers and supplies.
  • Monitoring and following up with multiple vendors for billing and services-related issues were costly.
  • All printers were not on the network, which made monitoring of the printers harder leading to a higher downtime for the printers.
  • It was difficult to provide support for multiple locations while using a different vendor.
  • Implementing secured printing. As it is a mandatory compliance requirement for banks to enable secure printing to secure private data. 
  • Management of stock and liquidation of the old dead printers through e-waste required filling of returns and auditing.


  • WeP with its decade of experience in Managed Print Service understood the pain points of AU Small Finance Bank and shared the step-by-step deployment plan, prepared through detailed assessment.
  • WeP, being brand agnostic, provided a mix of different OEM printer models to help them optimize their print infrastructure.
  • Our highly motivated support team goes above and beyond to assist AU Small Finance Bank and increase cumulative printer uptime to 99.37%.
  • The AU Small Finance Bank printers were upgraded by installing remote monitoring tools (DMS), which allowed the WeP team to monitor the printers' health, such as toner status, paper jam issues, and many others, and proactively logged support calls when necessary.
  • To meet BFSI secured print compliance. WeP installed the secure print software on the MFP, which enabled pull printing, quota restriction, and secure pin-based printing.
  • Online support ticketing system & Local WeP engineers' availability meant printer support issues were resolved within the promised SLAs.


  • With more than 2000 Pin codes and 928 printers, proactive support through remote monitoring software and best-in-class multilocation support, consequently increased the user’s productivity.
  • ROI through reduced capital expenditure, reduced cost, reduced wastage, increased productivity & secured printing.
  • Reduced environmental impact by optimizing toner usage & implementing energy-efficient printers.
  • Secured printing ensured no unclaimed printed documents and overall print security.
  • Cumulative printer uptime of 99.37%, ensured support efficiency.

About WeP Digital

WeP Digital is a leading solution provider of Managed Print Services (MPS) in India. The company aims to create a user-friendly work environment with technology-based & result-oriented solutions. With over a decade of experience in the managed print services solutions business and more than 24000+ printers installed, across 2000+ pin codes across the country, WeP has been catering to different business verticals like BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and many more.

With WeP’s Managed Print Service, organizations can:-

  • Reduce costs associated with printing and copying.
  • Overcome IT staff pain points and reduce staff time in managing and supporting imaging devices.
  • Improve the level of support to end-users.
  • Focus on other business-critical priorities.
  • Contribute to environmental objectives.


WeP provides innovative solutions focused on making document management and paperwork-heavy business processes in offices and public authorities more efficient, and economic. Their solutions ensure document security and sustainability.

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