WeP Workflow – transition from people-driven to process-driven enterprise

With WeP Workflow, you can automate your processes to minimize the chaos and maximize your productivity in your organization.


Design your workflow with an extremely intuitive designer

Managed Print Services allow an organization to gain visibility and control of all its printing and optimize it, which helps save money, enables the organization to print more efficiently.

  • Cloud-based (SaaS) solution
  • Zero to minimum coding needed
  • Well defined human and system tasks
  • Drag and drop forms creator to workflow
  • A fluid workflow that can be amended efficiently
  • Handle complex and parallel workflows seamlessly
  • Seamless integration with third-party application and legacy systems through RESTful API’s
  • Powered by the centralized WeP document repository and Low code platform
  • Scalable solution w.r.t users and data

Real-time analytics to track and manage workflow tasks

Get real-time reports and leadership dashboards of various workflow tasks using filters and searches:

  • Get a real-time status report
  • Dashboards for the leadership team
  • Perform action on-the-go
  • Reassigning the task with a click
  • Trigger automated e-mails and reminders for pending tasks

Keep up with compliance through and through

WeP Workflow Automation helps you stay compliant throughout the workflow of each task with the following information:

  • Show names and timestamp details of each task
  • Track history of the task
  • Provision to file logs through comments
  • GUI buttons to approve, reject, reassign tasks
  • Autosave task-related artifacts that can be accessed anytime
  • Save the task as a draft

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