UB Group Ex-CIO Talks Digital Procurement!

25 Oct, 2021 | 03:30 - 04:30 pm

Duration - 60 minutes


  • Mr. Ramakrishnan Sudarshanam

    Independent Consultant & Consulting CIO, Ex-CIO , United Breweries Ltd

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Greetings from WeP Solutions!  

The procurement function plays a critical role in the success of any organization. Right from sourcing to payment, finding & managing best suppliers forms the essential part in achieving operational excellence.  As with every process going digital, the procurement function is also under pressure to go digital with automation! This can bring tremendous value across the supply chain & is one of the key levers in gaining/retaining competitive edge.  

Find out more on the future of procurement being digital in the webinar. 

Our chief speaker Mr. Ramakrishnan Sudarshanam is a technological leader & a globally recognized CIO with over 37 years of experience in implementation & execution of various large-scale projects in technologies such as Cloud, IOT, RPA & Mobility!  Having held executive IT roles for United Breweries & McDowell & Co, his expertise extends by folds!  

What To Expect? 

  1. Mr. Ramakrishnan covers evolution of procurement function & overview of digital procurement.
  2. Success factors & benefits of going digital with P2P process!
  3. WeP P2P solution live demo!
  4. Exclusive Expert Q/A

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