Managed Print Services: Taking Control Of Your Print Environment In A Low Budget

21 Feb, 2022 Admin
Managed Print Services: Taking Control Of Your Print Environment In A Low Budget

For many organisations, printing is an essential part but the approach you choose for it affects the costs, responsibilities, and efficacy which inturn influences the future ROI, productivity, and workflow. A print solution such as managed print service aligns with your organisation's needs and work for gaining maximum productivity.

In a research, it has been inferred that on an average, 14% of revenue is wasted on inefficient printing practises by most of the global companies and nearly half of the business content is not structured. Thus, managed print service comes as an efficient solution for controlling your print environment. In this article, we will discuss how managed enterprise print services can prove to be beneficial for businesses and operate on a low budget.

What is a Managed Print Service?

Managed Print Services (MPS) programs include enterprise print management of all the business aspects including printing devices, scanners, fax, and copier. They are managed and optimised by external parties.
A managed print service improves the enterprise print architecture. It assures optimal uptime by taking care of day-to-day management, offering services proactively. It unifies print and digital information for a streamlined workflow.

A managed print service gives you a full document visibility. With the evolving business, managed print services also evolve so that the organisations meet the information challenges. Moreover, print management also allows you to manage humongous amounts of information and data from varied sources by optimising and streamlining workflows and processes.

How Managed Print Services Controls the Print Environment on a Low Budget?

Managed Print Services reduce costs and improve organisational productivity in which the designing, optimising, and printing is outsourced to an external service provider. This reduces the Managed Print Services Cost and operational expenditure including the organisation's core offerings. Here is how it controls the print environment on a low budget:

  1. Improving Efficiency

A Managed Print Service identifies the issues such as printing and scanning documents on poorly configured software, reducing the time wasted on print-related tasks, fixing device malfunctions, and ink cartridge replacement so that the staff can focus on other strategic initiatives.

2. Improving Organisation Productivity

After assessing an organisation’s current and future needs, the MPS provider recommends a suitable program. This includes printing from mobile devices or printing special document sizes and formats.
Also, the frequent hardware upgrades offer you access to cutting-edge technologies. The most sought-after Managed Print Services involve staff training to help in speeding new hardware and workflows. With digital processes, paper-dependence is reduced, in turn reducing costs. It lets the teams scan or share documents by cutting down on wait times.

3. Improving Cash Flow

Managed Print Services offer flexible payment options. With the pay-per-page print model, you get real-time usage dashboards and forecasting tools for your device's network so that the decision-makers of your company can manage the unnecessary expenditures. Managed print services assure that you are secured from data breaches and get the correct digital solutions, training users to share data effectively.

Getting associated with an MPS provider saves cash for the employees, safeguards the network from threats, and also reduces paper consumption.

4. Offering Agility

Organisations always look to improve their processes to stay ahead. The right Managed Print Service provider offers ongoing advice and strategic support in the workplace. Creating seamless workflows across the digital platforms helps create efficient processes for a business to grow. With unnecessary steps being removed, the bottlenecks are reduced and the decision can be made in an agile way.

5. Reducing Environmental Footprint

A monitoring system as a part of the MPS package identifies and tracks print usage levels so that you can reduce your environmental footprint better. The obtained results of the efforts in paper-saving can be shown in the Corporate Social Responsibility report.
You could drive significant savings on paper costs by installing a high-performance printer. The MPS provider assesses all the ways of minimising waste and reducing footprint when the custom service agreement is created.

6. Improving Information Security

A report made by IT Managers says that 28% of people look for opportunities to introduce secured printing technology or enhanced print security by considering the intellectual property theft risk and information security breaches. An organisational print assessment identifies the print and IP security risks of your organisation. An efficient MPS program mitigates risks with a print security plan. It also includes installing multifunctional printers with network-level solutions to reduce the information risk.

Information security requires auditing, improvements, and vigilance that an efficient MPS provider offers.

7. Printing Needs Analysis

A Managed Print Service provider analyses print fleets of every size, covering all the aspects of business printing needs, such as copying, scanning, printing, and faxing. An MPS provider has the expertise in printer fleet consolidation to ensure that your business is equipped properly.

8. Streamlining Printer Positioning

Keeping the printing equipment in areas where employees can access it improves its workflow and maximises device usage and is critical to the effectiveness of the employees. It also reduces the time wasted moving across the building or other floor for printed material enhancing the employees' ability to work efficiently.

9. Managing Remote Printing

Mobile printing allows the employees to print from remote locations improving business manifolds. With this, the employee doesn't need to go to the office to print important paperwork, and other employees don't need to waste time looking for the document to print. With a mobile print environment, MPS providers can establish, maintain and offer to troubleshoot.


Managed Print Services allows businesses to maximise human talent with new technological capabilities. With an MPS, you can build core competencies, grow your business and deliver greater value to your customers.
Managed Print Services can be tailored specifically to your business's needs and offers a complete printing solution so that the staff can reduce printing costs, improve productivity, and enhance the effectiveness of the print environment. They reduce the workload of your IT department and improve efficiency.

One such managed print service is offered by WeP Solutions which manages the printing service in a secured way.

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