8 Key Factors To Choose Right Business Process Management Software

30 Jun, 2022 Siddarth Nandakumar
8 Key Factors To Choose Right Business Process Management Software

Today, the business landscape has changed, with the competition getting stronger. Thus, organisations must look to manage and optimise their business processes. The right business process management software suffices for this purpose by boosting an organisation’s performance and process automation. It also regulates the companies’ costs by boosting the organisation’s efficiency and monitoring business activities.

When choosing the Business Process Management (BPM) tool for any business, the organisation’s needs and processes must be considered. There are a few considerations to be made when purchasing BPM software, such as the type, scope, or implementation. We are listing the eight key factors here to consider before purchasing the business process management software.

What is workflow and how can it help you? Why do you need to choose the right business process management software for your business?

A workflow is a series of tasks for managing repetitive processes to be completed in a particular order. It is the mechanism by which people and organisations finish their activities, such as manufacturing a product, offering a service, processing information, etc. the right way.

A workflow automation software streamlines and optimises an organization's business processes by facilitating interactions between stakeholders, individuals, and information systems and assigning tasks to the appropriate employee at the appropriate time.

Business operations are performed using a set of repeatable processes. Every business area works with the data information or materials transformed into a report. The business process management software examines the impact of these business processes on one another. It gives insights into the current state of the processes, with the ultimate aim of making the organisation more efficient.

Look for business process management software with a simple user interface.

Efficient business process management solutions automate business processes with a simple user interface. Here’s why a simple user interface must be chosen for business process management:

  • Developing business processes from the ground up
  • Customises tasks with any details that a user wants
  • The BPM software dashboard tells the team’s progress in real-time and generates reports measuring the KPI performance
  • Schedules daily, weekly, and monthly workflows
  • Offers features of communication and collaboration


What is the role of business process management software in modern business & the value of business process management software for SMBs?

Business process management software in modern businesses allows IT departments to fabricate custom applications, tracking the flow of products and services, and follow up with client feedback. The software data output brings out the bottlenecks or unexpected opportunities in the business processes. It helps them analyse the datasets and identify the roots of the problems accurately.

The business process automation solutions also solve the problems companies face in accountability, communication, and visibility. Here are the top values that business process management software brings to SMBs:

  • It gives control of and improves the internal business processes with automation in marketing, customer service, administrative and financial tasks.
  • It improves the onboarding process for the new roles.
  • It improves communication and visibility in the organisation.
  • It helps businesses reduce costs with better organisation, workflow automation, and risk mitigation.
  • It reports any probable delays to the management.


What are the 8 key factors to choose the right business process management software?

Business management software has multiple features and is one of the best platforms for optimising business operations and boosting its performance. Here are the factors that must be considered while choosing the best business process management software for business:

  • Must provide real-time motoring 

The business process management software must provide real-time and bespoke monitoring of the key process indicators such as customer support tickets, the percentage of the product failure, which is the number of produced units divided by the number of units spoiled, and the measure of staff efficiency with the number of units produced every hour

  • Must be integrable with software solutions

A business process management tool must seamlessly integrate with other business systems. Using system integration, you can access the data stored on the other platforms, and download the target data in the database of business process management solutions, saving time and resources.

  • Should have comprehensive reporting

A business process management software needs to have a good inbuilt reporting system, as comprehensive reporting is important for the execution of the business processes and boosting production. The software’s reporting functions must be aligned with the company's needs.

A good reporting feature in software runs reports, analyses data, and points out areas for improvement.

  • Must be synchronized with mobile support

A business management software tool should be synchronised with smartphones easily to create a customised and accessible work environment, as today, people synchronise their mobile devices with their email, bank and professional accounts.

  • Must have dashboard widget

Good business process management software must have a dashboard widget where the employees can see the status of their tasks clearly and access the filtered results.

  • Must be budget friendly

While opting for a business process management software, the company’s budget must be considered. Business process management software incurs monthly usage fees, so it needs to figure out the amount spent on licencing and fees. Business process management software charges licencing fees for every staff member, and the budget should be based on the number of staff accessing the product.

  • Must be adaptable to technology

With business evolution, business process management software should adapt to meet the growing business needs. For this, the technology used must be included to keep pace with the business process mapping tools. The technology must also be embedded in the resources needed in the implementation of business process automation.

       Should have good customer support

When purchasing a business process management software, customer support must also be taken into consideration. The users have many questions regarding the product for which the tech support is necessary. Customer support is also required to recover the business data in case anything is accidentally lost or deleted. The customer support team must also be accessible for 24 hours.

How does WeP Workflow Automation Software / Business Process Management Software benefit your business?

A business process management tool streamlines and automates the business processes and must be purchased by keeping the eight key factors listed above in consideration. WeP’s workflow automation software seamlessly automates the business processes and maximises the productivity in an organisation.

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